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China supports Myanmar in handling the Shwe Kokko New City issue in accordance with laws and regulations
2020-08-25 20:21

Recently, some media reported on the Shwe Kokko New City project in Myawaddy, Karen State, Myanmar, claiming that the project involved gambling and other issues, which cast a negative impact on the local society. The media also paid attention to the investor's statement that the project is related to China's Belt and Road Initiative. These reports have caused concerns from the local society. The Chinese and Myanmar governments attach great importance to and have maintained close communication and coordination on related issues. Based on the communication between China and Myanmar, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued a statement as follows:

1. The Shwe Kokko New City project is a third-country investment and has nothing to do with the Belt and Road Initiative. The Chinese and Myanmar governments have reached a clear consensus on this. The Myanmar side has already stated its position to the public.

2. China’s position on cross-border gambling is consistent and clear, that is, Chinese capital is not allowed to invest in foreign casinos, Chinese citizens are not allowed to participate in foreign casino operation, and foreign casinos are not allowed to attract Chinese citizens to gamble. China is strengthening cooperation in law enforcement and security with Myanmar, stepping up efforts to crack down on cross-border illegal and criminal activities such as illegal gambling and telecommunications fraud, so as to safeguard social security and ensure the safety of people's lives and property in both countries.

3. The Myanmar government has established a task force to investigate and deal with the issue of Shwe Kokko New City project in accordance with laws and regulations. China has expressed its support to this.

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